Akita Neru

Cosplayer: DarkShine Cosplay

Variant: Various

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th April 2010: Fuyucon 09 Yey finished in time for my first con! XD Turned out to be my fave costume of the weekend too =D

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Anonymous - 13th August 2009
I hope you do well on this ^^ Neru is awesome <3

[[Would of made mine but couldnt, didn't have the time or paitence XDD]]

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UnaSpi - 14th August 2009
Looking like good work so far! :D

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Ino - 25th September 2009
I love this outfit! Very pretty, can't wait to see it finished ^-^

DarkShine Cosplay avatar

DarkShine Cosplay - 21st October 2009
thankies guys x

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Enchanting_ELK - 7th May 2010
oh wow~ you look so great as Akita!! ^^ Loving the outfit!! :3