Costume :Panic
Source :Disney's Hercules / Kingdom Hearts
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Cost : < £5
Time Taken : 5 minutes


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a few years later.... (Posted 31st January 2012)

When did I post this? 3 years ago? more?

I actually did a lot of work back then but I scraped it all, and I couldn't get any more of the same fabric...

Back to square one.

I went for Teal soft lycra before, which I liked. But I hate buying from online, and there's been none in shops when I have been to them.

If I buy online, the Tia ebayer has Teal, Sea Green and Grecian(?) lycra.. although I'm not sure of the differnt types or what they mean. I can't decide on colour again as they look nothing like the fabric I bought before (even though it was Teal).... *shrugs*

I thought about getting a bodysuit that is a few sizes too big to use the extra fabric. but then i'm thinking that will be more shiny lyrca, and again the colours aren't right.... IDEAS? HELP?