Costume :Chris Redfield
Variant :Standard gear
Source :Resident Evil : Code Veronica X
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2009

Costume Photos

Covering each other

Chris and Jill

Standard Pose

I'm coming Wesker


The breakers are broken, I'll need the right parts to repair them


Chris' day off 3

Chris' day off 2

Taste Fist!

Where is everyone....?

Take my Hand!


Costume Information

Cost : around £200
Awards : None
Time Taken : 6 months

My first finished cosplay, and its almost perfect. I just gotta get the right vest and gloves, and its done.
I'm gonna get a replica Glock too, just so I can finally say its 100% perfect XD
took 6 months to assemble, but it was worth it. I've taken it to Otakon 2008 as well as MCM May 2009. My only fully finished costume, and one I take to pretty much every event with me, its kinda my trademark so XD


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I wish I played Resi now, the cosplays on here for it are amazing and yours is no exception, those are some fun shots too.

by HotshotShan on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 21:52

Thank you so much ^^
It makes all the effort worthwhile to hear comments like that =]
And hey, I'm pretty sure theres someone you can cosplay, Resi has a huge range of characters

by RisingPheonix on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 21:57

I am indeed once I sort them all out ^^

by RisingPheonix on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 22:06
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I remember you from the Resident Evil Shoot from May! I was the other Jill Valentine :D It was great to meet you

These are very nice photos you've got here :D

by Manga Girl on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 22:20

Ah, I remember you ^^
And thank you, some of them are pretty sweet, but I need more!!! lol
prefeably with the rocket launcher I'm making =P

by RisingPheonix on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 22:32