Costume :Kyo
Variant :Myaku PV
Source :Dir En Grey
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2007

Costume Photos



Costume Information

Cost : £50+
Time Taken : 2 weeks

This costume was made on a whim. The basic shape of the costume was made in a shape of a dress with sleeves, the dragon on the right handset near one of my thighs was sewed onto the material. A cape was also made.

For the see-through pink/purple bat shaped corset I used vinyl, it was difficult to look for in shops so I used Ebay. A little bit tricky to sew on with a sewing machine so I always almost put see-through tissue paper on top.

Buckles were attached in the right places as well party plastic glow wire which was attached to the costume here and there for a cyber look and also on the hat.

Also made a cross brooch out of the glow wire which attached to the chest. The plastic glow wire was attached with a lot of small safety pins, never used so many safety pins in my life for one item lol, I was going to use glue but it would peel off and didn't look right. The cross brooch I confess was glued around a piece of cross shaped clear plastic as you can't attach it with pins etc.

The hat I first made a frame out of wire first around my melon, then 2 across the top and then attached loads of black feathers in the right places.

I brought a blond/orange wig off ebay to match.

When I put it together it didn't look right on me, well 1st thing first I was too tall not like 5 foot like Kyo lol.... In the end I decided to go as Mana from Malice Mizer.

It was a wasted effort and an interesting project, but learned a lesson saying if you are going to do something, make sure you want to do it and not on a whim as it will cost you time and money lol...

I did take a few pictures during my progress, makeup test and how I look when I did the full cosplay, would have to retrieve them from my old hard drive when I go back to my parents.


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