Costume :Martel Yggdrassill
Variant :Long Dress
Source :Tales of Symphonia
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Costume Information

Cost : Around £60
Time Taken : Around 20 hours

...Why are there so many parts to this dress? D:

Wig v2

In progress:
Dress - 30%ish, completely dismantled previous version to remake

To do:
Shoe covers

Failed at:
Wig v1 (didn't dye properly)


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Yay Martel 8D
So under cosplayed - can't wait to see some progress pics 8D

by Emzone on Tuesday, 28 July, 2009 - 02:44
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Awesome! Can't wait to see this! :D

by MikeJenks on Friday, 23 July, 2010 - 02:54
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Would love to see this :) I'm working on Celsius myself so i have lots of love for Tales Of Symphonia :)

by Raye-chan on Friday, 14 January, 2011 - 20:48


Post-Amecon plans (Posted 23rd August 2010)

Well, I didn't get this finished in time for Amecon 2010 :( I've since had it completely unpicked and put back into it's base panels so I can rework most of it to look less rushed.
Going to be working on it this week so it actually gets done and I can wear it to the next con/event I'm at!