Costume :The Undertaker
Variant :Anime
Source :Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Aya Revolution 2009

Costume Photos

The Undertaker at Oct Expo 2009 4

The Undertaker at Oct Expo 2009 3

The Undertaker at Oct Expo 2009 2

The Undertaker at Oct Expo 2009 1

Undertaker at Ayacon 09 6

Undertaker at Ayacon 09 5

Undertaker at Ayacon 09 4

Undertaker at Ayacon 09 1

Undertaker at Ayacon 09 3

Undertaker at Ayacon 09 2

Undertaker Ref 2

Undertaker Ref 1


Costume Information

Cost : Roughly £7
Time Taken : Two Days

After being introduced to the series by Uni I feel in love with it. My kind of gothic epic madcap fun.

Theres so many characters I could cosplay.

Since this is a last minute decision to hide my unfortunatly mullet hair left over from 'Bleachgate'. It will mainly be a closet cosplay.

I'll be borrowing a vintage top hat from my brother, I have the long black claws from my Crusnik Abel. I have the outfit and a grey scawl from my Haldir. I might wear my Seph contacts just to be really creapy! Lol!

I can see me doing more cosplays from this series. Hee hee!

*Ayacon 09*

Loved wearing this costume and being part of the Kuroshitsuji group. Surprisingly hot to wear. Even hotter than my Sephiroth O_o ! Although now complete I'll be adding the belt/rope/bling thing at a later date now that I know what it is.


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Oooh exciting, I'm glad you're doing this. Will it be on Friday, as that's when our BB circus group is?

by Nocturnal Blossom on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 08:57
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Fab. I'll do it on fri. Looking forward to the group. *huggles*

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 09:15
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Yaaaaaaaay! More Kuroshitsuji fans! 8D I adore the Undertaker and you will do him so well! I look forward to this! X3~~~

by Demented Kid on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 13:44
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Dramatic Grell pose~



"hold me"


by Uni on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 14:25
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I haven't seen Black Butler but you're going to ROCK this cosplay XD

by Chibi on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 14:26
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Yay! I love Undertaker! He's by far my favourite Kuroshitsuji character 8D

Cant wait to see progress on this x3

by x-Blade-x on Tuesday, 21 July, 2009 - 18:49
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You're totally going to rock it. <3 Undertaker

by Snap on Friday, 31 July, 2009 - 19:53
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YAY!!! I'm loving the hat baby!

by Uni on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 20:04
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Thanks guys. Looking forward to cosplay as him. XX

by Sephirayne on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 21:28
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Curses! I was hoping this would be WWF Undertaker! LoLs!!
No this will be awesome!

by Ninodog on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 22:23
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ROTF! Ninodog, I doubt if I can be the WWF Undertaker. I think I would need to be 7' or something.

by Sephirayne on Monday, 3 August, 2009 - 20:25
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WAH! This is pure awesome! I shall need to snag you when my group forms~ *Wishes was there to see you and the rest of the awesome Kuroshitsuji group* D:

by Demented Kid on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 02:44
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Thanks Demented Kid. I'm more than hapy to be part of any Kuroshitsuji group as I really love the anime and the character.

by Sephirayne on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 19:25

Thanks. :D You looked really good as Undertaker, I particularly liked your hat. And well done on SNL, your poi spinning was fabulous. :D

by Pudding on Saturday, 22 August, 2009 - 19:54
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Thank you ever so much, Pudding. XX

by Sephirayne on Sunday, 23 August, 2009 - 17:23
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You were fantastic as The Undertaker. By the way i'm curious, is that your own hair you used for the cosplay? It looks awsome X3

by Purple_Minty_Tea on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 13:48
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Thanks, Purple_Minty_tea. Yes it was my own hair. I did have some hair extentions added as my own hair only comes to half way down my back.

by Sephirayne on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 13:52
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You Totally rocked as the Undertaker! *Clings*

by Uni on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 13:56
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Awesome :)

by Taffeta_Rose on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 14:47
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Your Undertaker cosplay was awesome! And thanks for letting me know who the Ichabod was ^^ Both you guys rock when it comes to cosplay ^^

by Tsukiko on Saturday, 29 August, 2009 - 07:44
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by Wyrdsister on Friday, 18 December, 2009 - 16:05
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some great pics!!! :D

by GunstarVixen on Friday, 18 December, 2009 - 16:35
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The mass of Undertakers amuses me greatly XDDD

I cant get enough of your Undertaker~ Looooving iiiits~

by Demented Kid on Friday, 18 December, 2009 - 16:41
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I never saw this in person but you look FANTASTIC as the Undertaker! Love it!

by sjbonnar on Friday, 18 December, 2009 - 17:16
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Wow, you look great! ^^ Well done! :D

by Lady Bahamut on Friday, 18 December, 2009 - 18:50
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You make such an awesome Undertaker~!
Great cosplay 8D

by x-Blade-x on Friday, 18 December, 2009 - 20:25
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You have such a lovely smile Sephy. It's nice to see in so many of your pics, you're always having fun. ^_^ Lovely costume, looks comfortable too.

by Ranma1-2 on Saturday, 19 December, 2009 - 12:22
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Thank you everyone. I really like this costume as its so comfortable.

by Sephirayne on Tuesday, 13 April, 2010 - 19:32
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You undertaker was so awesome *A*

by Om_nom_nom on Friday, 17 December, 2010 - 00:29
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Thank you ever so much, Om_nom_nom ;)

by Sephirayne on Thursday, 23 December, 2010 - 11:48
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this is really good :)

by dan-dan on Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 - 11:23

To-Do List

Make top HighIn Progress
Make waist decoration MediumIn Progress
Complete Hat LowComplete
Make Coat/jacket LowComplete
Sort out grey scawl LowComplete
Make boot straps LowPlanned
Make Props LowPlanned


Complete (sort of) (Posted 6th June 2010)

Other than replaceing the lockets and making some boot straps I've decided that this is more of less complete.

I may improve the jacket at a later date as I don't like the way the back sits.

This is one of my fav characters to costume. Not one of my favs to wear as hes surprisingly hot and the nails are a pain.

I do love him as a character and hope to get to waer him more.

Planned photoshoot is coming.

Telford Expo (Posted 22nd February 2010)

For the Telford expo I decided to wear this as I ran out of time to complete the reaper version. I took the oppotunity to complete the necklace and get better nails. Success!

Now all I need to do to complete him is boot buckles and new lockets and then he'll be finished. At which point I can do a full photoshoot.

Lockets ;) (Posted 2nd January 2010)

Although I did complete the locket belt for Oct Expo I wasn't happy with it. I had a look in the Bead Shop (Manchester's Affleck's Palace) and found some perfect locket frames that will work. I jsut need to fill in the middle and get a new chain. So hopefully, next time I wear him he'll have really awesome lockets.

Now for London Expo Oct (Posted 21st October 2009)

Since my major disasters with my Cain Undertaker will now be my replacement costume for Expo.

I have a new hat for him and I might try and get his jewellry bits finished.

Re-make (Posted 29th August 2009)

After having a look at various Kuroshitsuji cosplayers on deviantart and I've decided to change this back to a 'in progress' cosplay as I want to make it better.

I want to see if I can hide my eyes better. When I wore this for Aya I had a very short fringe so couldn't hide my eyes well enough. I'll probarly add more exntions next wear as he dose have a lot of hair.

I would love to do the boot straps and the locket belt and perhaps the scythe prop.

I have a photoshoot planned and it would nice to have him better for that.

Nearly there (Posted 10th August 2009)

Jacket and hat are now done. Have sorted out scawl. So its just down to the fiddley bits. Also deciding whether or not to make to tops that go underneath or see if I can buy them.

Has fabric, will sew. (Posted 31st July 2009)

After a bad brought of heart trouble I was able to get the fabric today. I hope to quite a bit of it over the weekend.