Costume :Shion
Variant :Cafe Dress
Source :Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Shion 2

Shion 1



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You look amazing as Shion!! Nice cosplay x

by Littlerascal92 on Sunday, 12 July, 2009 - 12:23
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I love Higurashi and the twins are my favourite characters. VERY good job!

by sjbonnar on Sunday, 12 July, 2009 - 12:58
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You suit shion so much!
Your cosplay is really good!

by Torpille on Sunday, 16 August, 2009 - 18:49
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You look absolutely amazing! Completely jealous of your ability to look good in that outfit, aha. Definitely one of the best cosplays of this character I've seen :D

by rohanfox on Wednesday, 19 May, 2010 - 10:52
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OMG awesome cosplay !!! XD i have allways wanted to do Shion...but i have no boobs :c

by sweettoothL on Wednesday, 4 August, 2010 - 15:56
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Rare to see the cafe dress version, and you've done it rather nicely :D

by RanmaSyaoran on Monday, 23 August, 2010 - 16:44