Dark and Light Samurai

Costume :Taelea
Variant :OC redesigned
Source :Final Fantasy X
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Since I see my original costume as not very samurai like, I am in the middle of redesigning the costume and making it from scratch, hopefully.
So this is my OC Taelea, from my FFX fanfic (which I really need to get round to actually updating once done with the re-writes of earlier chapters).

To-Do List

get materialsHighComplete
Make topHighIn Progress
Make trousersHighIn Progress
Make obiHighIn Progress
Make katanaMediumComplete
get tabisMediumComplete
Make arm guardMediumComplete
Make hair ringsMediumComplete
Paint katana and arm guardMediumComplete
paint on outfitMediumPlanned
make stencilsMediumPlanned
make clawsMediumPlanned
make headpieceLowPlanned
get ribbonsLowPlanned


Katana started... (Posted 2nd April 2010)

With a mistake as expected. I was helping dad with sawing out the main base/form of the katana, but as we both dreaded something did go wrong when that was almost done: my dad had cut it in half by accident. I realised it first then he noticed why I was laughing to see how he had cut into the wrong side. This was why getting a long board of wood is handy, as with the second attempt it was even cut better.
Got the design sorted for the Tsuba now as well so its just cutting, sanding and glueing left for the main making of it.
Then I will be left to paint and decorate it ^_^