Dark and Light Samurai

Costume :Raven
Variant :Cartoon series normal costume
Source :Teen Titans
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :MCM Manchester Comic Con 2015

Costume Photos

Stay back!

Raven wig

Raven (no wig)

Raven Reference


Costume Information

Cost : around £25 for 1st version, £24 for improving, total £49

Original purple costume worn at London MCM Expo October 2008, was also worn at Mankai (I can't remember which year) and Japan Expo Paris in 2010.
I'm finally getting round to redoing this costume into a correct blue version, which I am hoping to make for Manchester MCM Expo/Comic Con July 2015.
So this includes: making a blue cloak that will hopefully look better than my original (it was the first cosplay that I had sewn anything for), redoing the boots in the blue fabric, making blue wristbands and I also decided on redoing the gems, by actually resin casting most of them (as I couldn't find a suitable 30mm shalow dome mold) and using worbla & foam for the yellow backs.


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To-Do List

Buy BLUE materialHighComplete
Buy resin molds and resin dyeHighComplete
Re-make cloakHighIn Progress
Make worbla gem backsHighIn Progress
Make new gemsHighIn Progress
style wigMediumComplete
Edit boots to blueMediumIn Progress
Make blue wristbandsMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Blue material£3.50Bought
resin molds£11.00Bought
clear cabochons because no suitable 30mm mold£2.20Bought
mold release agent£3.56Bought
pebeo vitrail glass paint for resin dye and painting cabochons£3.52Bought