Costume :Edward Elric
Source :Fullmetal Alchemist
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Time Taken : I actually bought it but posing time took a while.


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To-Do List

Buy BootsHighComplete
Find my PocketWatchHighIn Progress
Make Automail ArmHighPlanned
Buy Belt and New glovesMediumIn Progress
Make SpearMediumPlanned


Automail. (Posted 29th August 2009)

My stepdad finally agreed with me to help me make Ed's right automail arm. So as it seems, I need to find a good tutorial on how to make it. =__=''

The long search for boots are over! (Posted 29th August 2009)

Even though I would've been not lazy and buy my own boots to decerate, this person was selling Ed boots for only $22. So far, I only have a little of money. Hopefully he or she would hold them for me until I send the payment.

PocketWatch Gone I believe.. (Posted 4th July 2009)

I've been looking everywhere for the little pocketwatch and I believe it's gone now. I remember it was around my room somewhere but I'm sure its around. >:c