Costume :Portgas D Ace
Variant :Pirate
Source :One Piece
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Oct 2009

Costume Photos

MCM Expo


Ace And The Pirate King ^_^



Costume Information

Cost : Estimated £20 - £25
Time Taken : Still Planning

UPDATE - 2011, going through my computer and found a few images
I haven't uploaded. Considering re doing this costume now I
have a bigger budget.

2009 - I am a hugeeee one piece nerd,
and I really want to cosplay luffy but I think I
am too tall, so im doing the next best thing - Ace.

My sister is doing luffy, and she is slightly small than me in height
so its all good! =]

and seens though we are twins, i think it will work good
when we are cosplaying brothers.

I was going to wear a shirt similar to luffys (as seen in my pics)
but I scrapped that idea and am wearing a skin coloured vest, that i can draw the tattoo on, im thinking on wearing the black coat too, and a scarf perhaps ^.^

I did the hat myself, brought a pink hen night hat and painted it orange, the rest is card board and a necklace.


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O: WOW! The hat looks immense! Can't wait to see it finished.

by KamikazePenguin on Sunday, 27 September, 2009 - 18:39
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Fankoo :)

by Black-Cat-1 on Sunday, 27 September, 2009 - 18:50
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What're you gonna do for Ace's top? Adapt it into a female version, or have something flesh coloured with his tattoo on, or something else? =D

by HystericalDame on Tuesday, 29 September, 2009 - 20:21
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This is looking ACE!
Ahh man...that was so bad....Dx
Looks good though! (:

by KamikazePenguin on Tuesday, 29 September, 2009 - 20:35
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tht actually made me Lol

by Black-Cat-1 on Tuesday, 29 September, 2009 - 20:47
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I'm liking it. It is coming along nicely

by Berserk667 on Wednesday, 30 September, 2009 - 00:01
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Cool cosplay <3.
Yay I accually saw you I think at the last expo I went.
I am planning to do Ace this year myself and it is nearly done. Your cosplay was aceness x

by RuneKaiser on Friday, 29 January, 2010 - 02:26

To-Do List

Make HatHighComplete
Sew ShirtMediumIn Progress