Costume :Yu Kanda
Variant :2nd Unifrom
Source :D Gray Man
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Oct 2009

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Will be cosplay Kanda to the London MCM Expo Oct 2009 as part of a D Gray Man with MissColzyChan and Sweeturk. Will also be in the masquerade on the Sunday with the D Gray Man group! ^_^


Belts are completed
Boots & Trousers Completed

Costs -

Wig ~ £23.64 (p+p £6) Ebay
Matrix pattern ~ £5.99 Fabricland
Exorcist's Badge~ £6.21 (including P+P) from ebay
Black Pleather ~ 5 1/2 metres £33ish Rolls & Rems
White Pleather ~ 3 metres £15 Rolls & Rems
Silver Buttons ~ 5 Buttons £3.50
Boots ~ Borrowed from Uncle
Trousers ~ Re-used from Sephiroth Cosplay


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To-Do List

Knee high bootsHighComplete
Fabric & Materials HighComplete
Wig (Main wig & Extentions)MediumComplete
Full Length JacketMediumComplete
White detail on JacketMediumIn Progress
White & Black BeltLowComplete


Top Progress (Posted 19th October 2009)

So went round my Nan's again today and done some work on the top. Followed the pattern and cut everything out which she did for me and I cut straight with Sissors. After which we tacked the fabric together, and then sewed it which I did.
I'm very happy that i did it myself as it turned out quite well. I still need to sort out the collar and add the zip which won't take too long. Also I need to do the sleeved as well and finally add the white detailing.

Progress (Posted 12th October 2009)

Okay been round my nans after college today, and started the cosplay. So far al I've done is cut the pleather to shreads, well not shreads, in bite sizes as I have so much of it! I love it. I've also made the belts which I did all myself, I'm so happy I can use a sewing machine, so easy to use. I'm starting the main costume tomorrow and my nans going to help me which is good! ^_^