Costume :Various
Source :For Others
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Papa Smurf

NEJI headband

Michael Jackson - ABC

Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin

Crystal Tipps

Mr Benn Chef Shirt

Neji Shirt


Costume Information

A few costumes and Bits n Bobs for other people.

.May 2009.
- Neji (Naruto) Top, Sandles and under headband.

.July 2009.
- Crystal Tipps (Crystal Tipps and Alistar) Dress and Wig.
- Papa Smurf (the Smurfs) hat, beard, top, hands, trousers, tail and shoes.
- Mr Benn (Mr Benn) Chef jacket.
- Michael Jackson (1972 Jackson 5 era) waistcoat, top and flare trosaurs.
- Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget) Hat.

.August 2009.
- Michael Jackson (Rockin' Robin - on Top of the Pops. Jackson 5 era.) Top and Trousers

- Gaara (Naruto) sandles, gaara mark, sash, gourd, sand effects, belts and took up trousers.
- Neji (Naruto) sandles.

- Slytherin Student (Harry Potter - PoA) cloak.
- Nijuku and Sanju (Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro)
- Hades, Pain, Panic (Disney's Hercules)


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