Costume :Sailor Unik
Variant :Human Form
Source :Sailor Moon
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Sailor Unik Reference. Unicorn Form.

Sailor Unik Reference.


Costume Information

Alright, big information on this.

Obviously, this is not a REAL character from the series Sailor Moon. It is fan-made entirely by me. My artwork is based of Naoko Takeuchi's (creator of Sailor Moon) manga art. I own the Sailor Moon manga entire series (all but one book actually - the person I purchased them from was missing volume 8 -.-; I was happy with them nonetheless. They're RARE!) I'm rambling, sorry.

Anyway, Sailor Unik is very much a part of three other fan-made scouts named Sailor Phoenix and Sailor Sonic (two of my friends created these two named)

They are together like the Inner Together, the Outer Together, and the Stars Together.

Sailor Unik is a shapeshifter scout, but does not do it often. Very rarely actually, just so it isn't "too fantasy" like. Here is information in detail:

Name: Hilo
Sailor Name: Sailor Unik
Height: About 5'5"
Favorites: Chocolate, Strawberries, Horses, Unicorns, Shopping, Friends, Family, and Video Games.
Brother: Yashi (also fan-made by me)
Cousin: Helios/Pegasus © Naoko Takeuchi

Yes, she is cousin to Helios entirely as a "fandom". Obviously, he doesn't really have a cousin who can shape shift like him into a unicorn.

I really like how I designed her suit to be an eternal form and thought, maybe I could pull her off. I know her hair is very much like Sailor Moon's, but it is not as long. It has rainbow ribbon flowing through it and is in star shapes instead of meat balls X3

I based my drawing off a Mini Moon/Rini pose from the real manga.

Anywho, I think this will be really fun for me since it is an original character. I won't have it done anytime soon though unfortunately unless I ask superchinaseller to create it for me off my pictures! Yeah, I think I'll do that :)

I hope you all enjoy this and don't kill me for having a fan-made character.


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To-Do List

Ask superchinaseller to create main body suit :3HighPlanned