Tataru Taru

Cosplayer: Storme

Variant: ARR version--weathered tabard

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

22nd May 2022: Things for the cosplay! I bought a super-cute pair of red chelsea boots (look at that laceup back!) and woollen beret from amazon. I have a yellow feather to cut down, and I will make the metal clip to attach it. I also bought this pair of lightweight and reasonably-similar-to-the-ingame-style 100% cotton cargo pants from New Look.

I'm going to dye the cargo pants with *some* of a packet of Dylon Espresso Brown dye, as I'm hoping to get a colour somewhere between the original stone-beige shade and the super-dark espresso colour. As before, however, I'm not super concerned with accuracy for this upcoming event, because I'll mostly be behind a stall anyway, so if it turns out somewhat lighter or darker than intended it's not a big deal.

22nd May 2022: Weathered tabard: I made a paper toile to figure out the pleats and seams of this, since the sleeves especially were confusing to me, and then I draped and cut a linen toile--I would usually adapt a pattern for most cosplays, but this time I just went for it with the mockup and it worked out pretty well. Most of the seams and pleats are machine-stitched for structural strength and then stitched over with embroidery thread for the decorative visible stitches. The dress isn't perfectly accurate and I might redo a few bits for future events, but I'm not going to sweat the details too much since this is just for wearing behind the counter at my stall at MCM.

(the little metal details for the tabard are getting made this week, along with the metal clip that holds on the feather. the shoulder patch-things are going to be done for future events.)