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Shopping List

Purple and Lilac fabric£9.00Bought
White fabric£3.00Bought
Black spandex for shorts - left over from old costume£0.00Bought
White and Black pleather - left over from previous projects£0.00Bought
Plastic Leaves£5.00To Buy
Material to make blue roses£3.00To Buy
White flowers for hair£5.00To Buy
Materials for Butterfly charm£5.00To Buy
Blue square diamond for belt£1.00To Buy
Purple lace for sleeve£1.00To Buy
Black lace for suspender£0.50To Buy
2 white self-covering buttons for gloves£3.00To Buy
192 CLEAR stitch-on Crystal Rhinestones (5mm) for loops£5.80To Buy
180 CLEAR Hotfix Crystal Rhinestones (5mm) for BELT£1.64To Buy
4 Blue Tear-drop Crystals£18.00To Buy
Stockings£3.49To Buy
White Platform Boots£22.60To Buy
Pink Wig£13.99To Buy
Silver and Black Spraypaint£12.00To Buy
4 Mini Strobe Lights for Wings£17.96To Buy
2 metal rings for shoes£2.30To Buy
4 Blue diamonds for shoes£4.00To Buy
1440 CLEAR Hotfix Crystal Rhinestones (3mm) - for bodice£5.69To Buy
2 Motor units for chainsaws£20.00To Buy