Costume :Alisa Bosconovitch
Source :Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Cost : £30

I've been addicted to Tekken 6 since I first played it in Akihabara this summer (as a point to kick Bry's ass since he thought "it would be unfair if you played against me... because I'm really good" [I then went to kick his ass, and he has yet to have won against me... fufufu]). I've always played as Alisa since I started and I really love her character design and her move set. By the time I had won my first few rounds I KNEW I needed to cosplay her... her outfit was just too damn cute to say no to!


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Hey! You can pick up a pair of those shoes we see all the Japanese cosplayers in!! ;D

by Felixize on Saturday, 20 June, 2009 - 14:30
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Oooh looks very cute! Nice colours on this. Good luck! ^_^

by perfectly_purple on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 17:47
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Yay for Tekken! 8D
This should be awesome to see~

by MikeJenks on Tuesday, 5 January, 2010 - 01:02
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I beg of you to do this for May expo!!!
Though none the less approved :D

by JakeX on Thursday, 15 April, 2010 - 00:11
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I can't wait to see this, you're going to look amazing *A*~

by FrankieEstee on Friday, 4 June, 2010 - 00:55
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omg i can't wait to see this!
the wing prototype looks so cool *o*

by KonohaKunoichi94 on Friday, 4 June, 2010 - 12:41
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Looking forward to seeing this SO much.

by Denmark on Saturday, 5 June, 2010 - 19:05
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profress is looking awesome so far :D

by montblanc on Wednesday, 23 June, 2010 - 20:59

Shopping List

Purple and Lilac fabric£9.00Bought
White fabric£3.00Bought
Black spandex for shorts - left over from old costume£0.00Bought
White and Black pleather - left over from previous projects£0.00Bought
Plastic Leaves£5.00To Buy
Material to make blue roses£3.00To Buy
White flowers for hair£5.00To Buy
Materials for Butterfly charm£5.00To Buy
Blue square diamond for belt£1.00To Buy
Purple lace for sleeve£1.00To Buy
Black lace for suspender£0.50To Buy
2 white self-covering buttons for gloves£3.00To Buy
192 CLEAR stitch-on Crystal Rhinestones (5mm) for loops£5.80To Buy
180 CLEAR Hotfix Crystal Rhinestones (5mm) for BELT£1.64To Buy
4 Blue Tear-drop Crystals£18.00To Buy
Stockings£3.49To Buy
White Platform Boots£22.60To Buy
Pink Wig£13.99To Buy
Silver and Black Spraypaint£12.00To Buy
4 Mini Strobe Lights for Wings£17.96To Buy
2 metal rings for shoes£2.30To Buy
4 Blue diamonds for shoes£4.00To Buy
1440 CLEAR Hotfix Crystal Rhinestones (3mm) - for bodice£5.69To Buy
2 Motor units for chainsaws£20.00To Buy


Wing Prototype 3 (Posted 23rd June 2010)

I've increased the size of the jet pack and the anchoring box and made the angles a little bit more dynamic. I'm not sure if it's too big or not now, I think I've been looking at it for too long!

Plastazote pieces! (Posted 23rd June 2010)

My plastazote arrived today! I was both terrified and excited to start, since with shipping the total came to £30. I can't afford to mess up, because I have no money to buy any more!

All of the pieces are cut out now except for jet pieces and the main support. I need to redesign them on card before I take the scissors to the plastazote.

Wing Prototype 2 (Posted 23rd June 2010)

Not quite perfect, but getting close. The small box unit in the center needs to be larger, and one of the jet packs is missing, but it's pretty much the right shape and size for patterning now.

Planning Sketches (Posted 12th June 2010)

These took about an hour at home looking up reference pictures on my phone (since I didn't have my laptop with me) and then another hour while sitting in gamerbase, playing tekken in practice mode and constantly pressing pause. I can't afford to buy Tekken right now so I can only play it when I go to gamerbase @__@ It took £3 to finish these sketches XD (£3 for an hour of game time... sheesh)

Wing Prototype 1 (Posted 3rd June 2010)

I'm wanting to make a cardboard prototype first so I don't mess up too much once I start experimenting with wonderflex. Needs a few tweaks: the angle of the bottom winglet is a bit too acute, and I think the top winglet might be a bit too long, but otherwise I think I'm happy with this.