Mario series

Cosplayer: HystericalDame

Variant: Wrestler

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

24th October 2019: Coming together! Next I painted the pieces and glued them together. You'll notice I changed the colours from what they were in my original design – I think this looks much better, and the black base will clash less with the rest of the outfit! All that's left is to seal it all and add the velcro closure.

24th October 2019: Assembling the components The next step was to cut and assemble all the belt pieces, some of which you can see here. The letters are laser-cut wood, which I bought cheaply from a seller on eBay. All the foam pieces also had their edges sanded down to look smoother.

24th October 2019: Creating the belt As I've not really done much 'proper' foam work before, I wanted to try out some new techniques. As the belt is supposed to be leather, I used a heat gun and tin foil to create this finish onto the main belt piece!

24th October 2019: Fit for a champion The centerpiece that this costume needs is a title belt for Waluigi to "win". So I put this design together in Illustrator in order to make a paper template. (It had to be kept pretty simple so that I could cut out all the pieces from foam.)

15th October 2019: Taste is for cowards I really wanted to give Wrestler Waluigi a matching jacket as part of the ensemble, and happened to stumble across some very beautiful purple holographic bomber jackets on eBay. Wrestlers often have customised jackets with their branding on, so I decided the only course of action was to add Waluigi's logo to the back. In glitter.

Thankfully his logo is super basic, so I figured it would be easy to appliqué. I ordered some glitter felt, and spent yesterday evening putting it together!

(Side note: this is easily the neatest appliqué I've ever done, the simple lines were a treat!)

14th October 2019: Jacket progress... Kind of obsessed with this appliqué, the straight lines are so satisfying...

3rd October 2019: Designing a Wah-sona To cut a long story short, my friends and I volunteer in the Cosplay Hospital at MCM Comic Con, repairing costumes for other attendees. We like to wear coordinated outfits while we do this – it's more fun for us, and hopefully for other attendees as well!

We decided that this October is The Time of Waluigi, and are each designing our own Waluigi-themed look – what I've lovingly dubbed a 'Wah-sona'.

For mine, I liked the idea of doing a sports iteration, as that's one of the things Waluigi is known for. I decided to go with the only true sport, professional wrestling.

The key factor in these outfits is that they need to be comfortable and easy to move and work in, even when on your feet all day. They also need to be quick and cheap to assemble. With this in mind, I will mostly be building this outfit from premade clothing.

I will, however, be making the Mushroom Championship belt, which Waluigi has definitely won fair and square...

I've done a rough sketch of how the outfit will look, assuming I can get all the bits together. I will update as things arrive!