Ironworks Engineer
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

20th September 2019: Jacket All the fixtures assembled!

19th September 2019: Patches Running out of time before KupoCon at this point so for the patches I printed the ironworks graphic onto transfer paper and ironed it onto the back of some leatherette.
I thought it would look quite flat, but the transfer merged into the felt texture on the back of the leatherette and makes it look more like embroidery!

14th September 2019: Belts Kuma pitched in to make the pleather bags for both of us.
I added the belts and fastenings with a mixture of eyelets, buttons and studs.

25th August 2019: Buckles I have a stash of 2mm craft foam so the buckles and fixtures are made of layering it up to the right thickness and casing in Worbla scraps.
Didn't realise the worbla overlay would increase the size of the details so much, so that's something to remember in future.

5th August 2019: Jacket I found a great snakeskin leatherette for all the black belts.
To make sure everything stays in place, I decided to sew the belt and harness to the jacket and keep the whole thing one piece. This also keeps both ends of the side laces secured.

Now I'm make this all over again for Kuma.

29th July 2019: Harness I couldn't find crocodile texture leatherette, but I was lucky enough to find this fashion jersey that's a similar effect.

22nd July 2019: Jacket The zipper holds the jacket closed evenly so I could make these buckles decorative. Each one is a single strap sewn down on one side and fastened on the other. Both ends are hidden under a fold of leatherette and the buckle is stitched in the centre.

15th July 2019: Jacket Lacing The sides of the jacket have large gunmetal eyelets and white lacing.
Because the eyelets are so far from the hem I spent way too long trying to set these first with a hammer and then in a vice, but it was so fiddly it mostly mangled the eyelets and washers. In the end I unpicked the side seams and set them with a hand tool before sewing it back up.
I used cotton bias tape for the lacing as it would lay flat under the other layers and I had plenty of it.

19th May 2019: Jacket Now with collar, zipper and bias tape.
The only complication here was the bias trim around the zip. I ended up sewing the bias tape to the zipper, then the zip into the jacket before sewing the bias tape down all the way around the jacket.

1st May 2019: Jacket There wasn't going to be enough black stripe fabric, but I was able to use less because the back will be hidden by a harness. This allowed me to make the back top half of the jacket from white suiting and reduce the number of layers.

The sleeves were widened at the top to give a puff sleeve shape. Once the emblems are on I'll be able to tell if it still needs some support inside.

25th April 2019: Fabric Hunting The base pattern for the jacket is Simplicity 1361, which didn't need much altering for Ironworks.
It was difficult to get the colour, texture and weight I was after, so for the black striped jacket I ended up using a thin black striped fabric layered over black suiting.