Final Fantasy XII

Cosplayer: Nesproxy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Showcased 28th November 2019

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Test run! Adjustments/observations:
Jerkin collar sits slightly far back and could be reseated.
Trousers tend to slip when sweaty - either adjust waistband or make with slightly lighter fabric. They also lose some of the weathering so best to start with a lighter base and use less weathering to counter this.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Shinguards Foam and leatherette combo, sewn to the point the foam was inserted then treated like armour pieces due to density of foam.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Jewellery Rings and bracelets were resin cast.
Some beads were resin cast.
Earrings were bought and painted.
Ear cuffs were bought.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Pouches and belts Belts are black suedette with buckram inner and diamond detail stitched on. Small buckles are bought, large is Worbla and foam. Pouches are asymmetrical, fully lined, with pop stud compartments.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Shoes Completely handmade from foam and leatherette, with foam inners handstitched, and batting in top part. Leather clips and straps secure them to feet. Painted grey with leather paint.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Collar and shirt All lace detail was designed and machine embroidered by me with a washaway stabiliser. I used a parchment thread to vary the colour. On the collar there's a single layer, on the shirt, two layers.

Shirt is double layered but unlined cotton, with patterned lining at its own collar and also cuffs. It follows a pirate shirt pattern but with less sleeve fullness and other changes to neckline, etc.

Collar was designed then broken down into individual parts to insert the homemade piping, and all lined with the inner cuff fabric. Collar is separate from the shirt.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Trousers Basic weathered grey leatherette trousers with fly and button detail, unlined except at waistband, fly and pockets. Pattern detail is quilted on with batting underlay and applique stitched around.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Jerkin The base jerkin measurements follow the Bara system, as referenced in Gnogy's 'Modern Maker vol.2'. They take into account height, waist, hips and chest, and have different tapes for each.

The jerkin is built from deep blue leathercloth, with a green suedette overlay for the back. The jerkin os lined, but due to the thick layers and unusual angles this was topstitched in.

The armhole/neckline section is quilted, with a base satin and a range of threads and applique stitches.

All embroidery was drafted and patterned, and digitised by me before being machine stitched. Pieces were embroidered onto satin, cut round and appliqued onto the jerkin with a blending thread. My theory for using satin was that because it frays it spreads slightly (like an old tattoo) - which gives the embroidery a more settled look. I handstitched around the embroidery pieces in dark blue to make them pop from the fabric too.

Collar was handstitched in.

The back does up with elasticated string through the corset style rings.

30th October 2019: (Backdated) Wig Wig was wefted with both brown and blonde wefts, sewn in - with more brown towards the base and more blonde at the top to create a more natural look. The base wig was an Aria Blonde lacefront from Arda.

Once I'd cut and styled it, I trimmed back the hairline slightly to give it a more male pattern look and ran a drybrush over everything to create more stark highlights. Balthier doesn't have prominent styling or specific spikes so a little hairspray sealed the look.

For the sideburns, I ventlated some brown wig hair into wig lace as separate pieces. These are attached to the face with wig glue.

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 19th September 2019
sexy mans uwu

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Amy-Lou - 29th October 2019
Absolutely brilliant Leading Man :D

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Manjou - 2nd November 2019
The leading man has arrived