Food Fantasy

Cosplayer: Fables

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

11th May 2019: Top Section! This is just a snapshot of the finished 'top half' of my costume! When I get an opportunity I'll add the journals from my skirts and cape and such to!

11th May 2019: Part 4: Sleeves This was literally the one part I was looking forward to the least because I had to work with Chiffon for the first time 😬 I have learned that Chiffon, like a cat, is neither liquid nor solid but rather something in-between 😂 Still, I managed okay all things considered. So I cut my pattern and whilst it was still flat, I sewed on the diamond details that she has on her sleeves using the same suede I used for the corset. Then I had to sew it together! I used French seams for the first time and it ‘seams’ (haha) to have worked okay! Sewing them to my armholes wasn’t as stressful as I feared either so that’s good~ I made them a tiny bit bigger than they should be just so it’s not too tight and I don't accidentally bust the fabric! For the hems, I deviated from the reference because I couldn’t think of a way to get the pointed edges without the chiffon fraying like crazy, so for now it’s just neatly enclosed in bias.
✂️ Pattern: Simplicity/McCalls Shirts [M7575] with modifications •
📍 Fabric: My Fabrics Glitter Dots Chiffon White (no longer available) & Suede Scuba Jersey Soft Brown (also no longer available!)•
🧵 Thread: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colour 800 •

8th May 2019: Part 3: Corset Of everything I’ve made for this costume, this is by far my favourite bit! It turned out exactly like I wanted it too and I’m so pleased~ Originally I was going to take a pre-existing underbust corset and just cover it in fabric, but when I tried it on I just looked so. stupid 😂 So I made it myself instead— it started as a big ‘tube’ with a gap in the back where I’ve added some Hooks & Eyes for a snug fit. There was MATHS involved in shaping the bottom and getting the spacing right on the pink section- the pink panel has been interfaced to make sure the hole details don’t fray and then it’s been edged in white bias. The seam attaching it to the main part is covered by the ‘skirt’ section, which is just a very short, open circle skirt that I added some horsehair braid to. There’s more top-stitching (my new favourite thing!) and the lace and ribbon on the front were easy enough to sew straight on at the end. The pink ribbon matches the one used in my wig and bottom layer skirt, and the pink lace is the same one that will be used on one of my skirts too.
📍 Main Fabric: My Fabrics Suede Scuba Jersey Brown (no longer available) •
📍 Pink Fabric: fabric_inspirations [eBay] Cotton Oxford Candy Pink (https://bit.ly/2MCkKyN) •
✂️ Interfacing: Hemline Iron-On Interfacing •
✂️ Ribbon: Berisfords 25mm Double Satin Ribbon Dusky Pink (https://bit.ly/325y8Pj)•
✂️ Lace: eBay •
🧵 Threads: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colours 540 & 800 •

5th May 2019: Part 2: Skirt Layer 1 I decided the best way to do this was a circle skirt sewn to the bottom of my bodice, and I got lucky because my fabric was wide enough to manage it with no side seam! I had to make it shorter than the reference because I’m nowhere near as long and lanky as Tiramisu herself I wanted there to be a reasonable amount of ‘space’ between the skirt layers. Cutting the petals of her skirt was time consuming but once that was done I was able to add neat rows of white stitching to replicate the pinstripes in the reference. It’s not very noticeable but I like knowing that it’s there! I took my time pinning on a Bias edging— there isn’t such a thing in the reference but I really didn’t want to roll the hems as I would have found it difficult with the curve of the petals. It looks so nice and neat once it’s pressed and sewn~ The pink section above this layer is supposed to be edged in white so I’m thinking I can get away with it!
📍 Fabric: @myfabricscouk Classic Cotton 02 (https://bit.ly/2zjZHIp)
🧵 Thread: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colours 169 & 800

3rd May 2019: Part 1: Bodice This part was actually really straightforward because I found a commercial pattern in our stash that would do the job! I made a test of this in Polycotton to check the fit and honestly it might be the best fitting garment I’ve ever made 😅 The proper version is Cotton with lining, and I pressed and top-stitched my seams in white thread as a nod to the white pinstripes in the original design. I’m so super proud of my collar, it took me ages as I kept pressing it and then stitching and pressing and stitching again but it clearly paid off, it’s the neatest collar I ever made. It also has interfacing to help keep it rigid!
✂️ Pattern: Simplicity/McCalls Misses’ Peplum Top [1425] •
📍 Fabric: My Fabrics Classic Cotton 02 & Lining Fabric 22 • (https://bit.ly/2zjZHIp & https://bit.ly/2NupbLG)
✂️ Interfacing: Hemline Iron-On Interfacing •
🧵 Threads: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colours 169 & 800 •

31st March 2019: The Beginning! I just wanted to make a post to say that I've officially made a start here! I've got my first lot of fabric on order for the beige/yellow parts of the outfit as well as some chiffon for the sleeves. Once Coscraft has their next restock I can also get my wig, too!