Sophie Hatter
Howl's Moving Castle

Cosplayer: concerning_kj

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Showcased 5th November 2020

5th August 2018: Finished all structural sewing! By this I mean I've sewed the base dress and the apron. All that's left is to add the buttons and possibly sew a separate petticoat. Today's tasks were pretty much just to add the skirt to the bodice and add the zip up the back. I also decided to create the apron using a piece of patterned white material that's been in my stash for ages and it looks wonderful-- and also helps with the keeping the costs down.

29th July 2018: Drew out my patterns and began draping I created a mock up of the design from a self drafted pattern which was a combination of measurements and also draping. The mock up was made with old curtains and I had to make two bodices because I did a bad job sewing the first together. The pattern itself is very solid and doesn't really need any major tweaks to work so I could follow it pretty exactly for my final.

26th July 2018: Decided on the costume and combed out wig Whilst clearing out my bedroom for redecorating I both happened across a wig I bought for a Halloween costume last year and put on a film. The penny dropped immediately and I knew I had to do Sophie Hatter. The wig was quite worse for wear as it is pretty cheap and also I hadn't touched it since Halloween. I spent a long time combing it and cutting out the worst tangles and did a slightly fancier braid than normal. This will likely need done again as there are already flyaways.

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 26th September 2018
This is so cute! You did such a wonderful job, you make a great Sophie <3

concerning_kj avatar

concerning_kj - 1st October 2018
Aw, thank you so much! Such a kind comment, you've made my day! <3