Captain Marvel
Marvel Comics

Cosplayer: Angelphie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Showcased 5th March 2019

24th September 2018: Suit I didn't take many progress photos for this costume unfortunately since I was initially rushing to try to finish it for Nine Worlds, but have this one taken just before I attached the sleeves.

24th September 2018: Gloves and Bootcovers All snaps in, I just had all the fiddly aspects of the gloves to finish up at this stage.

24th September 2018: Snaps My snap production line for the gloves and boots. I didn’t want to sew on buttons all over this costume and I also don’t like how shank buttons tend to look when they’re only decorative – they don’t sit properly – so I bought a heap of gold snaps on ebay and just set in the top halves.

All the lycra on the costume has its shiniest side facing outwards, but for a slight contrast on the plackets I used the more matte reverse. To create the appearance of the button fastenings, I bought some red elastic and sewed on short lengths along the (interfaced) placket section, glued the other ends to gold snaps and set them in.

24th September 2018: Boots I patterned out a cover with some spare lycra, it just has simple centre front and back seams with the placket being the only complexity. The covers are hot glued to the inside of the boots and as they go over the soles of the boots, I glued on some stick-on shoe soles.

24th September 2018: Boots The boots I covered were an ebay find, they have a large elastic section on the side so there’s no need to unzip them to be able to easily pull them on and off.

24th September 2018: Brooch I shaped craft foam over a ball (actually a stress ball balanced in a mug) with a heat gun to create the domed shape then cut out the star to stick on top. The photo shows it being primed with layers of pva glue before I painted it.

Mana avatar

Mana - 26th September 2018
Wow I really love this! Amazing job!