Princess Aurora
Sleeping Beauty

Cosplayer: TheStarlightFairy

Variant: DFDC doll

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Showcased 6th August 2020

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

31st October 2019: Crown and necklace 2 The first attempts at these are now in the bin :c
I made them with foam and worbla, then painted them with gold leaf paint and used yacht varnish to get them nice and shiny.
Something went very wrong in transit (chipped and scratched and went patchy???) so I revarnished them at my friend's house. That also went very wrong so I used some enamel to try to even the whole lot out.
Enamel and varnish are not friends. They will fight. They will eat each other. Don't put them together.

Soooo in the new year I'm remaking them from scratch :c

31st October 2019: I DID IT Somehow I managed to complete this cosplay in time for MCM!

The sleeves need redoing to make them comfortable, but I used some leftover fairy organza from Cheese to get the pretty sparkle effect, and made the bardot neckline from heavily interfaced duchess satin

14th October 2019: Peplum This was much easier than I expected! I used a variant chain stitch for the embroidery design and added the gems with the same thread. Leaving the edge plain like the doll reference just didn't look quite 'enough'. so I added silver bias binding like in the Parks reference
This will attach to the bodice with poppers!

2nd October 2019: Back to it Hiatus ended up being until September, but the bodice embroidery is DONE

Alas no rest for the wicked as I'm now onto some embroidery for the peplum, and I want to remake the necklace and crown if I have time!

18th October 2018: Brief hiatus I've decided to not try to finish this in time for October MCM, as to do so would involve extreme con crunching and stress to make something I wasn't happy with, and I would have ended up despising the costume.
I'm also going to take a little break from working on her, as the embroidery is starting to make me go a bit mad! Progress will hopefully resume in November after Doki Doki <3
It's so frustrating as I'm so close, but just not close enough!

15th October 2018: Crown and necklace Today I made the bases for Aurora's crown and necklace from foam and worbla. I don't have time to do them like in the reference so I've made plain ones to give my plans a test-run c: The proportions feel a bit off atm, but I need to see them with everything else on!

I'm debating on whether to drop Aurora for MCM, but keep working on her and do a shoot in the early new year. I still have a lot of embroidery to do, even after deciding to leave the designs on the peplum out for this event... I'll see where I am on Thursday with everything and make an executive decision then!

10th October 2018: Skirt 2 My life is just a sea of royal blue chiffon at the moment, but the end is in sight! I'm so glad that the doll has visible top-stitching on the skirt hem, as while it takes longer, I much prefer using backstitch when doing a rolled hem. I imagine on a machine, I would love the proper way more!
I can't wait to put the two skirts together and practice twirling in them <3

3rd October 2018: Wig Because I hate myself, I'm sewing together two wigs again to get Aurora's lush locks. I'm blending a pale ash blonde Jeri with a pale yellow blonde Jeri from Coscraft to get a nice balance between the film/merch's bright hair and the park's more natural ashy blonde hair. I'm really hoping it works!

1st October 2018: It's costober so guess who's actually going to keep a journal of progress? Embroidery is still going on slowly and surely, but I've decided to get some other things done (and keep embroidery just for bus journeys for a while). I've started making the bodice lining, which is being done with a gorgeous floral 100% cotton and coutil. Unlike Sakura's bodice, I'm putting the coutil layer and boning into the lining, so there's less risk of me snagging my bodice satin. The Chiffon skirt is still hanging ready for trimming (totally didn't forget about it).

Best bit of progress is that I've ordered and received my shoes! I splashed out on a gorgeous lacy/glittery pair of Irregular Choice mid-heel shoes, as I can think of many other reasons to wear them (and they're bridal shoes so designed to be worn and stood in for a long time)

29th September 2018: Bodice Like the doll, I'm embroidering the front of my bodice with metallic thread. Sadly I couldn't find good quality metallic embroidery thread in the right blue (madeira do a close one but I couldn't find it in stock sob), so I'm extending some artistic licence and doing it in a pale silver (one of the parks dresses has silver embroidery so I'm using that as reference too!)

It's slow going but I think I've passed the 1/3 mark! Now ECG prelims are done I can dedicate more time to this and speed up c:

For anyone interested, I'm using DMC Diamant thread in D168. I can really recommend this thread for metallic embroidery, as it's much easier than other metallics I've tried. I've not even needed wax to keep it from fraying!

27th August 2018: Skirt Having made a mock-up out of ugly ugly fabric, I've settled on a 3/4 circle skirt for this. The pieces were cut out of duchess satin and left to hang for a few days while I worked on other things, and I'll cut out the chiffon layer in the very near future. Apparently I hate myself as I'm doing enclosed seams for both layers OTL. When the satin skirt seams are done, I'll hem the skirt with horsehair braid to help it keep shape and make it easier to walk about and perform in c: the chiffon layer will be slightly fuller like on the doll.

Fabric used: navy blue duchess satin, royal blue chiffon.

21st August 2018: Reference The main ref I'm using for this costume is the DFDC doll! I love the double layer skirt and the embroidery on the bodice <3
I'll be making a few changes though, such as doing silver embroidery rather than pale blue (the metallic thread I like doesn't come in blue yet sobsob), and a more natural toned wig c: