Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Cosplayer: Violet Kestral

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

30th November 2020: Feet.

Tsukuomi floats and does not wear shoes. This causes problem as a human who does not float and ideally wants to be wearing shoes at a convention. I've seen people wear flats in the corresponding leg colour or just stonking ass heels but neither of those options satisfied me. So I went on the hunt for the clearest and tallest shoes I could find.

These are Pleaser Kiss-201 heels meant for pole dancing, but as they have a stonking height, a clear heel AND a clear band to hold them to your foot, they fit the bill perfectly. I painted the soles in black and white because that felt like the right thing to do. My hope is from a distance these will give the appearance of floating.

30th November 2020: Look, I may have started this wig 2 years ago, and bought many things for the rest of the cosplay as well, but perhaps it's finally time to make this damn thing.

I started by splicing together 2 Alex wigs from Coscraft in White and Black. But the pure black and pure white can look a little odd in person, so I painstakingly handstitched extra wefts in Misty White and Natural Black respectively. The end result is an almost half black and white wig with a very nice blend. (Photo is pre wefts)