Ball outfit
Original Design

Cosplayer: Delusional

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

26th October 2017: Corset I'm not sure why I've gone for a corset, seeing as I'll be hiding a chunk of it, but at least it's a sturdy base and tbh I've made a few similar shapes so it was something quick to do without a proper pattern. I've got plastic boning in the seams to help the shape as I didn't have any interfacing, and I'll be edging it in bias (either the gold in the pic or a satin brown I have) once I've finished adding on any further details. Probably will go for some straps as I don't like strapless tops, or hide them under some kinda bolero. Anything can go at this stage!

25th October 2017: Skirt! So with the fabric off cuts I've got, I knew I wouldn't have enough for a full length skirt or trousers, so I looked at how to make a pleated skirt. The fawn coloured suede was the perfect amount to make a box pleat skirt (a rectangle 3x your waist in length and how ever long you want it) and a waistband, so that made that decision for me! Then I can use the green and brown for some kinda corset/jacket/waistcoat thing. I imagine I'll add trim or bias onto the edge of this, but want to get a better feel for the design and colours before I do so.

24th October 2017: The stock pile So rummaging through my leftover fabric, here's the samples that are decent enough in size and all vaguely go together in terms of colour scheme. Elfy, foresty theme then I guess! There's not enough of any of the fabrics to do a full big dress, so gonna have to look at some kinda top/skirt combo