Chrollo Lucilfer
Hunter X Hunter

Cosplayer: Mighty Odango

Variant: Not shirtless

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd November 2017: Mishaps and mayhem I should be a lot further along than I am but I keep making DUMB mistakes like cutting the front pieces of the coat with the pile going in the wrong direction and realising that my idea of skipping the coat pockets to save 10 minutes of sewing is stupid given that Chrollo perpetually has his hands in his coat pockets. SO there's that. (I've fixed the first issue, yet to fix the second).
However, the cross applique on the back is done, which was a pretty tricky shape to cut and apply given it's an outline shape. I've also applied horsehair braid to the hem to kick it out a bit - first time using it.
Collar is cut and sewn up, needs adding to coat but I have to check if I need some kind of stand in there.
I bought fabric to make the top from scratch but as time marches onwards I have contingency plans: a) use a Primark t shirt as a base instead or b) just do the shirtless version... it's been years and a few extra cup sizes since I last attempted open shirt binding but occasionally I relish a (masochistic) challenge!

(Also discovered that mens' wetlook jeans are not currently a thing so Chrollo's gonna have some very tight pants YOLO)

16th October 2017: Various Sculpted the tops of the earrings using Milliput ultrafine. I hate sculpting and am terrible at it so this made me sad. I'll see how they look when dry and painted.

Also started working on the wig. I bought a cheap second hand lace front from eBay, but it was a graduated bob style, so I've cut it to an even length and started using hair curlers to get it to flick out instead of in, and to train it to slick back. It'll still need some product to keep it in place but that will come once I've finished the tong work.

Because Chrollo's coat is quite flared, I've used a Vogue women's coat pattern to get the nip at the waist and so there's no waist seam. It's worn open and clearly wouldn't close at the front, so rather than use the front piece of the pattern I've extended the front side upwards to the shoulder. Having tacked in the sleeve, this is now fitting slightly strangely at the front so needs a few more tweaks but I'm happy to make those on the actual fabric rather than the toile.

After discussing with various pals I decided to use fur for the collar and cuffs (I was also considering feather trim), but will probably make some attempts to style it into spikes if there's time. Getting it to stand properly will probably be a task and half!

I'm intending to make the book as well. I have a paper maché book designed for decoupage that I got ages ago as a possible locked room prop, but using it for Chrollo will let me keep stuff like wallet etc in it as it's hollow.

Need to pick up some cheap men's trousers to modify.

13th October 2017: Earrings Those earrings, man. They'd be a lot easier if I had separated earlobes but I don't. I've bought some green aventurine orbs to use and I'm hoping they won't be insanely heavy hanging from my lobes!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 24th April 2018
It was so much fun cosplaying with you. It’s a brilliant murder boss cosplay!