Trucy Wright
Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

Cosplayer: TheStarlightFairy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

15th October 2017: Mr Hat A very last minute prop but heck I'm proud of him.

He's mostly made from buckram, and his body has a plastic boning frame to help support him. The body and head were made seperately, and are attached with two 'necks'. The front 'neck' is a thin PVC pipe that is fixed into place with craft foam, and is covered by the big bow tie. The back 'neck' is more buckram and is much bigger as that's where my hand goes to operate the mouth c:
The head is two pieces, which join around the mouth and with a seam at the back. The mouth is reinforced with extra buckram and has a strap on the top half to make it easier for me to open and close it.
His whole head is covered in brown heavyweight cotton, and he has little cotton ears and felt facial features! The body is covered in black cotton, and white satin, with a red satin bow.
His cloak was made the same way as mine, but he only has diamonds on his THANKK GOD!

10th October 2017: Buttons, brooch and earring I had a lot of fun learning to use a new thing for this! All the 'gems' were made with the new Worbla Crystal Art, then painted with glass paint. I tried colouring the gems as I made them, but it made shaping them really difficult, but it was much easier to shape them, then paint.
The brooch was made with craft foam, then covered with Worbla. Two safety pins are attached to the back to share the load when I pin it to my costume c:
The buttons have a hole pierced into each end so I could sew them onto the dress.
The earring is more painted crystalArt, with an earring drop pin thingy pushed into it, then attached to a stud earring. It's quite heavy to wear but I'm happy with it all the same c:

At some point I want to replace the buttons with resin as they're so lumpy. I dont want to use crystal art for sharp gems again, but it'll be great for round ones <3

8th October 2017: Magic Panties Because no Trucy should be without her signature trick!
These were made of microfibre, and had wadding inside to help them keep shape. All the pinstripes on the panties were backstitched by hand, and the details were topstitched on! I carefully measured out all the pleats around the top and legs , it was a nightmare but damn they look so cute c:
I made these as a big panty-shaped pocket, so that they could be used on stage as part of a trick c:

6th October 2017: Cloak The bane of my life ;_; It's so inconsistent between references and it made me want to cry many times

The main cloak is two layers of duchess satin, which fastens with poppers to the dress, and with the brooch. I need to replace one of the poppers because it's a bad one but otherwise it works. The details are microfiber top-stitched onto stretch duchess satin, which was then carefully stitched on to each side of the cloak. It had to be the same on the inside so I had to be super careful not to let the stitching go all the way through! In a perfect world I would have done proper satin stitch applique but alas time and RSI were against me...
While I would like the cape to be a bit wider in general, I'm actually really happy with it as it's the bit I struggled with the most. It behaves roughly how I wanted it to and it's nowhere near as much of a pain to wear as the original one was!

The baubles are wooden beads painted with glass paint, and I used drop earring wire rods to attach them (I sewed the loop to the cloak, and coiled the end around the bottom of each bead).

5th October 2017: Topit Originally I wanted to make this as a functioning bag, but I just couldn't work out how to do it and get it to support its own shape. Soooo I cheated!
I made the front and back pieces by sandwiching buckram in duchess satin and mircofiber, and top-stitching the white design onto the front. I then cut two hearts out of sofa foam, and tacked them to the front and back pieces (there was excess around the edges to make this bit easier. I then tacked these together. Two thin strips of satin were backstitched together to make a fake seam, and this strip was then used to cover the middle of the topit (where the foam blocks were tacked together.

I topstitched white to blue duchess satin to create the strap, which was sewn to the back of the topit on one side, then I put poppers on for the fastening.


4th October 2017: Boots HECK these were an unexpected journey, as I'd hoped to just buy a pair. The boots were originally DISGUSTING. They were over-knee, sparkly and had a weird lacing at the back at the top. No thank you!
I started off by cutting the boots down to the right height, and cutting open the back seam to put in a zipper. I then covered them in white stretch pleather in sections, starting with the leg of each boot, then the heel, then the foot. The foot was the hardest part, as even with a leather needle, I just couldn't stitch through the boot ;_; so I had to weild the super duper strong super glue for that bit. I'm really really proud of the boots, AND they're comfy! If the originals weren't so hideous I would get some for daily wear...

Leather needles though. Get one, it'll change your bootcover making life forever.

3rd October 2017: Dress I used the project runway Simplicity pattern as a base (I forget what number), but put the pieces together so that there was no seam at the waist. The skirt was also reduced to be more a-line. It's made with a slightly stretchy suiting fabric as it had a very subtle sheen which I thought was suitable for a stage costume <3 I couldn't find a cute themed lining, so I used a nice fancy jacquard print one instead. The buttons were made with Crystalart (see later journal) but I want to get them cast in resin instead

I plan to add eyelets to the back so I can reduce the size as and when I need to c: while it fitted wonderfully at first, I lost juuust enough weight by the time of EGX for it to not stay up so well ahaha

2nd October 2017: Scarf For the scarf I used red duchess satin. The main piece is a wide choker that fastens with poppers. I did the tails separately because they're completely static in-game. Both tails are interfaced to support them them and are slightly pinched.
I want to make the choker a little smaller, as it's a little too slack atm and has a tendency to slip around my neck so the tails get caught on the earring ;_;

1st October 2017: How I did the thing - Hat As part of Cos-Tober I'm gonna try to write something coherent about the making of this costume! So I'll start with my favourite piece: the hat!

I built the base hat from buckram, purposefully making it way too big so it would be proportional to Mr Hat. I then covered the whole base in Foss-shape (my new favourite thing) for ultimate stability! Foss shape is a millinery felt that shrinks and hardens as you heat it, and holds shape like a BOSS

After this, I added a chunk of sofa foam around the top half of the inside of the hat, so it wouldn't fall down over my head or Mr Hat's head past a certain point. Also made it hella comfy! To cover how ugly the inside is, I lined the hat with blue microfibre, then set about covering the hat.

The fabric covering the hat is blue duchess satin to match the topit and cloak. It's annoyingly a little darker than I wanted but it was the closest I could find to the in-game model! I covered the brim and the top first, then the body of the hat to cover the raw edges from the rest of the covering. It was a bit cheaty of me, but it was easier than making the cover separately and gave me much more leeway with patterning. To finish, I made a ribbon from stretch duchess satin and wrapped it around the hat.

I love my hat <3