Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking Glass

Cosplayer: Storme

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Showcased 21st May 2020

14th October 2017: First wear! We went to MCM Scotland in Glasgow! Our costumes got a really good reception, but I really couldn't walk much in the shoes I had! As soon as we got back home the other shoes I'd ordered finally arrived, so I'll be wearing those for future wears.

16th September 2017: All done! All the bows and buttons are sewn on and the hem of the underskirt has been raised an inch! The dress is complete, needs a good ironing but I'm quite pleased with it!

Still deciding how to style the rest of the outfit when I wear it to Glasgow Comic Con next week.

16th September 2017: So far The bulk of the dress is finished! All the ruffles and gathers are finished. The zip needs to go on (it's hanging weirdly in this picture because the dress is open at the back) and I think I'll lift the underskirt hem up by an inch or so -- I extended it because I'm leg-shy but perhaps I went too far. :D

11th September 2017: Ruffles and gathers Making the skirt has been an epic adventure in gathering fabrics! So many ruffles.

13th August 2017: Fabrics So many pretty fabrics!

12th August 2017: Purchased items! Using this Simplicity base pattern and doing the full ruffle/crinoline/broderie-anglaise dealio. I've bought plain blue cloth, however (couldn't find a polka-dot I liked) and my underskirt ruffle fabric is an actual Alice in Wonderland print because it amused me.

So far the fabric and fixings for the dress have set me back approximately £50. I've still to buy shoes, tights, and a wig.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 16th September 2017
More ruffles, more! That themed fabric is such a neat touch, looking forward to this :)