Hunter X Hunter

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

6th November 2017: Machi Assembled Everything exists in a wearable state, ready for Hibanacon!
I’ve got some white flipflops for walking round in and the tabi socks were from Amazon.

5th November 2017: Wired Up The tails are gathered up and have a popper to join them in the middle. This way I can take the wire out for transport.
The wire doesn’t run all the way down so there’s a bit of movement in the ends. The channels are sewn closed at that point to stop the wire moving down into one side and becoming uneven.

4th November 2017: Attachments To make the tails detachable I’ve rigged up this latch on the back of the belt.
The wire goes through the small loop of elastic and the tails are threaded onto the wire from either side. Then the flap is wrapped round all the gathered fabric to hide the gap and fastened in place.

3rd November 2017: Belt Ties The thin band is ribbon sewn down so it won’t shift out of place. The bow is jersey fabric hooked round the ribbon and cut wider towards the ends.
They don’t match perfectly, but close enough given the challenge is to use up stuff I already have.

2nd November 2017: Belt Tails Matching belt tails. They will be wired so I’ve edged them in bias tape as a channel. I did want to use a narrower tape, but the wire wouldn’t quite fit, so the black’s not so subtle here.

1st November 2017: Leg Things Cotton leg...things with elastic in the top to keep them up.

27th October 2017: Finished belt Using the back of a shiny black/red two tone fabric to get a nice maroon colour with a bit of sheen.
Trimmed the whole thing in black bias tape to flatten the hems as this fabric doesn’t iron flat.

15th October 2017: Belt Base Backing the belt onto a heavy cotton which I can sew plastic boning onto. This will stop the belt folding up or wrinkling while it’s worn.

8th October 2017: Proportions Got the trim added to the tunic.
This was much more painful than it should have been as the bobbin kept snagging on the cheap thread I was using. I think I did this 3 times over D:
Tried the tunic on wth the shorts to pick the best hem length and shortened it up.
The collar looked right to me at the old length, but with the sleeves and bottom hem now shorter I think the angle in the collar might be too low. I've left the end unfinished so I can potentially raise it later and I'm going to make the belt next to get a full idea of the finished proportions before messing with it.

1st October 2017: Tunic Edging Measured out a lot of edging strips today. Because the fabric wasn't long enough I split the neck piece into three with one seam at the back of the neck and at the other at the waist where it will be covered by the belt.

I sewed them into tubes with a long stitch and pressed them flat with an iron. Then i could pull out the loose stitching leaving them folded along the seam allowance, much easier to join to the tunic!

27th September 2017: Sleeves Back onto the main body, now with sleeves!
Had a few setbacks, firstly pinning it inside out and then not reading the pattern instructions and trying to use half the length of ease so I had a gathered sleeve cap at one point.
Needs a good ironing, but I am happy with how it's going.

16th September 2017: Gloves and Pin Cushion I wasn't sure how to do the pin cushion until working with the yellow fleece on Morgana. I love not needing to buy more materials!

The core is cut off a polystyrene ball so that I can stick some fake pins in it later and they'll stand up. Then the whole thing is covered in yellow felt and the edges gathered together as tightly as possible.
I've stitched it to the glove so that I can remove in future without leaving marks.

19th August 2017: Shorts I found some leggings in Primark for less than the fabric would have cost me. Chopped the legs off to Machi length and re-hemmed them with a zig-zag stitch.

14th August 2017: Tunic Assemble Got the tunic fitting and roughly worked out the angles for the wrap front.

6th August 2017: Tunic Pieces I've found a polished cotton with a slight stretch that's reasonably opaque for a white fabric.
These are the pieces cut out and ready to sew, with the extra width added to the front panels to make it a wrap front.

26th July 2017: Picking patterns I'm going to use vogue 8772 with alterations to make this.
It's not a wrap front, but it is a reliable pattern I have used previously (Jade - Homestuck) and I don't think extending the overlap and lengthening from the longest option will be too hard. Machi also has fitted sleeve seams that aren't found on traditional Japanese style clothing, so I think it's worth blending styles.

gomimushi avatar

gomimushi - 9th August 2017
I'm super excited to see this!!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 16th September 2017
Thank you! Hope we can do some Hunter x Hunter groups together :D