Death Parade

Cosplayer: Valentine Cosplay Gaming

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

5th July 2018: May think about working back on this? Hi guys I know this journal progress has been a little un organised and thought about working back onto this at some point adding notes and photos.

I will start asap and let you know what has been done for this cosplay so far.

I want to try make sure every cosplay progress that I set up on my page is up to date and have useful info, so any one thinking of making cosplays that I have done or put together will find reading and looking helpful.

1st March 2018: This has been complete... we'll almost Hi guys sorry going to class this as complete. I'm doing maintenance on my cosplay account.
If you want to know how I have gone with this check social media.

Just bracelet and cosmetic stuff to sort really, that's what left.

Next time I plan to get a cosplay make planned, I will make sure I keep tabs on journal. Sorry again.


27th October 2017: Sorry for not updating... Will have to update this, as I posted mostly my progress on my facebook page. I have been bizzy with life and alot of things have beeen going off atm. Sorry.

17th July 2017: Step 14 - Making Chiyuki Bucklel, a improved version Working on Chiyuki buckel, keeping simple

17th July 2017: Step 13 - Improvement On The Belt I felt Chiyuki's belt didn't look right with just with the one line so added another. To make it look more of a belt on sewing machine. ❤️

17th July 2017: Step 12 - Adjustments Messaged seamstress today to see if she can help me with Chiyuki jacket and top.

Hopefully I can get these adjustments sorted and looking slightly like the reference.

Then can pop in town to find some plain cheep court shoes navy to mod, or some strap shoes to match close like chiyuki.

Shes open tmoro and doesn't close at 5pm which is great.

Then thats all that left is Chiyuki bracelet to make. Need some white PU thin leather look material.

Dunno if the t-shirt shop can embroidery design a patch of the Death Parade coat of arms, or print out on photo paper sew on bracelet, or transfer the image on fabric with transfer paint?

The buckel like I said I can make or find a buckle close to Chiyuki cosplay.

13th July 2017: Step 11 - Chiyuki Cosplay Arrives Chiyuki Cosplay ❤️

Material felt soft and nice, top slightly ish lose can be pinned on bra or take it to be adjusted.
(It fits ok, but could be tighter)

Jacket and skirt love, white belt nice material with gold belt feature.
(Could make own belt feature or get a gold metal belt buckel)

The anckel attachments nice, the bracelet feature ok ish.
(feel like I could make chiyuki bracelet, or see if a shop can do a embroidery design patch or something)

Just need to get some cheep court shoes, and mod to look like Chiyuki shoes with the anckel claps.
(Need to match colours close like chiyuki cosplay)

Photos below shows me wearing the cosplay.

10th July 2017: Step 10 - Chiyuki Wig Arrives Chiyuki wig ❤️
Cos test with out make up

8th July 2017: Step 9 - Finishing Of Chiyuki Necklace/Pendant The finishing of Chiyuki Necklace/Pendant which was painted in acrylic paints, glossed & gold chain added to finish off. ❤️

1st July 2017: Step 8 - Chosen QinDeciem/Arbiter Coat Of Arms Designs The two I feel better to work with for Chiyuki bracelet design, not sure how it will be applyed. ❤️
Will have to think about this when the time comes. ❤️

1st July 2017: Step 7 - Edited Design, QinDeciem/Arbiter Coat Of Arms Felt the original design was a little too dark & needed editing, used various of apps on iPad to try and making it better. ❤️

1st July 2017: Step 6 - More Refrences, QuinDeciem/Arbiter Coat Of Arms Been trying to find best google image of the coat of arms in the hit series of Death Parade Anime. ❤️
This is what I found, if I were good at drawing I would drawn this design well & proberly have the design printed or embroidered on a fabric pvc white bracelet cuff. But will have to see and decide what I will do soon. ❤️

1st July 2017: Step 5 - Started Working On Chiyuki Necklace/Pendant (Part2) Finished crafting Chiyuki necklace/pendant ready for baking soon. ❤️

1st July 2017: Step 5 - Started Working On Chiyuki Necklace/Pendant (Part1) So decided to work on Chiyuki pendant, working with fimo clay. ❤️
My attempt of making the pendant as best as I can, once baked I will paint, gloss, then add the necklace to finish off. ❤️

1st July 2017: Step 4 - Drawing Diagrams (Part2) Rough diagram idea of Chiyuki braclet feature, thinking how to form or create. ❤️
Not good at drawing coat of arms style drawings. ❤️

1st July 2017: Step 3 - Drawing Diagrams (Part1) Roufh Diagram of Chiyuki necklace & pendant, thinking what kind of materials to use to make. ❤️
A better final drawing design will be done soon.

30th June 2017: Step 2 - Looking Into References Of Chiyuki Book ?? Chiyuki Chavvot book from her childhood ❤️

29th June 2017: Step 1 - Looking Into Refrences Looking into references of the character Chiyuki ❤️