Ema Skye
Phoenix Wright: Apollo Justice

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

MinamiCon 23

20th February 2017: Finished The glasses arrived from eBay and Ema is ready to go!

19th February 2017: Ankle Ribbons The ankle ribbons are two widths of ribbon. The wider one is fastened with a hook and the narrow one is looped round it to hang. I was going to sew them in place, but it ironed so flat that they lock in place all by themselves.

19th February 2017: Easy Scarf I realised I want this costume to be as simple to wear as possible and doing up the scarf knot evenly was something that could go wrong on the day.
So I tied it up neatly, cut the back of the neck loop off replacing it with elastic and finally sewed the knot in place. Now my scarf is always even and I can pop it on and off over my head in a second!

18th February 2017: Gold When it was finally smooth enough the cap was spray painted gold to match the buckle.

16th February 2017: Priming Once the Worbla cap was shaped I primed it with Gesso and spent the rest of my life sanding it smooth.

11th February 2017: Belt After not being able to find any good buckles from a haberdashery, I found the perfect one already on a belt at ASOS for £5.
I cut the length down match the costume and added a cap by sandwiching the end in Worbla with one piece oversized to cover the sides of the belt.

Note: Future Amy wishes she actually tried to do the belt up at this point instead of finding out after it was painted that I'd made it just wide enough to scrape through the buckle with a bit of damage to the paint job. Lucky it did up at all really!

8th February 2017: Wig Styling The wig is Alex from Coscraft cut to shoulder length with a side parted fringe.

1st February 2017: Shirt and Trousers The shirt was a very cheap find on eBay which just needed a popper adding to fasten the collar. The maroon trousers are from Uniqlo, hemmed up into knee-length turn ups.
The poppers have also been added to the waistcoat now.

1st February 2017: Neck Scarf Complete Different fabric will take different lengths to tie in a knot, so I tied it up again to confirm the length before hemming up the ends and positioning the details.
I added a pale pink ribbon for the line and ironed the scarf down flat.

29th January 2017: Neck Scarf Pattern After reading a few tutorials on String Ties, I used a ribbon to estimate how long to make the scarf and then roughed out a pattern based on a bow tie.
I used a red crepe fabric with interfacing to stiffen it.

29th January 2017: Lab Coat I got this lab coat from Kuma and did some extensive alterations to narrow the shoulders, flare the sleeves and tailor the fit of the body with darts.

22nd January 2017: Waistcoat I used trusty NewLook 6914 for the waistcoat. The main fabric is green suiting, the lining is black cotton and the back is grey suiting all from the left over fabric stash. Also managed to find some fairly similar buttons originally bought for The Joker (Batman).

I've made so many of these waistcoats now I forgot to take a photo sooner; here I'm testing out how far apart to set the buttons.
The front is a fake button up, open backed poppers with buttons sewn on top, which saves a lot of time sewing button holes.

Nesproxy avatar

Nesproxy - 13th October 2017
This looks wonderful!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 16th October 2017
Thank you :D