Nahyuta Sahdmadhi
Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

3rd October 2017: Boot covers Interfaced canvas comprising two parts - the shoe covers and the leg parts, which are attached with poppers. Decoration is appliqued in shiny satin. The shoe part has been stuffed slightly to give it more accurate shape.

3rd October 2017: Coat and trousers Coat is fully interfaced, lined, and finished with bias trim (made from the same duchess satin used for applique). Trousers are also lined.

Floaty bit is wired and coated to keep shape.

3rd October 2017: Collar Fully lined, interfaced and wired at the edges. <3

3rd October 2017: Applique There is a lot of applique on this costume! I opted for contrasting satins (duchess to shiny), with a small and fairly wide decorative zigzag stitch. I felt this accentuated the shapes and colours of the fabrics better in this case. The brocade used for the collar and cuffs is all pattern matched too. :)

3rd October 2017: Wig I initially purchased two wigs with the intention of using wefts from one to lengthen the other slightly (the base length was good but was about six inches off) and add a little volume. I created a long weft using one wig and stitched it into the back of the second. After plaiting the length, I stubbed the end and attached an additional short weft, which was covered using a square of satin and bands. I neatened up the area where the extra weft was visible by hot gluing additional hair over it and trimming to length. The rest was achieved with hairspray and basic styling.

Eyebrows were achieved by ventilating leftover wig hair onto wig lace and spraying to shape.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 3rd October 2017
I've just started this game, lovely to see a cosplay from it!
I really like your 'floating' sash effect.

Nesproxy avatar

Nesproxy - 3rd October 2017
Thank you! The entire project took me much longer than I originally anticipated but I'm proud of how it turned out. I hope you love the game, it's a really strong title in the series!