Costume :Himeno
Variant :Ice Pretear
Source :Pretear
Progress :Complete
Worn At :MinamiCon 11 (2005)

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Ice pretear



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Time Taken : I have no idea

I keep forgetting this costume ever existed. Probably because it was EEEEEVIIIIL. Fact.

It was Mana's fault. She got me into Pretear and showed me the pretty, pretty costumes and when she asked me to be Himeno as part of a group at Minami I couldn't say no :P I have no idea why I chose this costume out of them all but..I did and it nearly killed me. I had no idea what I was doing (oh, the good old days) and ended up using a hula hoop for the skirt which my sewing machine didn't appreciate. I don't think I'd heard of HAND sewing.

Anyway, the whole thing is a mess, unhemmed and I HAVE to remake it because I got some pretty fleece when I was in America that's the perfect colour. It won't happen for years, though. Especially since I still have a wind pretear to finish D:


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You used a hulahoop? Thats REALLY INVENTIVE! (I'd have never thought of that).

I really like this actually. I think the Ice Pretear outfit is one of my favourites, because its just so cute and wooly! I think you did it a lot of justice! :]
Wind Pretear costume though, that I want to see! *-*

by BlusterSquall on Monday, 14 January, 2008 - 13:40
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kfjhyklatjaklanta you're so young and cute and omg *pinches cheeks!!!*

by Yuka on Thursday, 2 April, 2009 - 01:39
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you cant get more spot on than that :D

How cool Ice Cool

by MangaChild on Thursday, 2 April, 2009 - 08:54
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This gorgeous - loved that series :-)

by Newdles on Thursday, 26 May, 2011 - 14:41