Costume :Syndrome
Variant :unsure female or standard
Source :Pixar's the Incredibles
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


main suit



Costume Information

Cost : £35
Time Taken : 20 hours


Damn you, I've wanted to do this for ages (and I wouldn't need a wig!)

Awesome idea and looking great so far; can't wait to see your progress!

by on Sunday, 7 June, 2009 - 21:01
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Yikes!! This will look so awesome, and it's a great idea!

by Freyarule on Thursday, 18 June, 2009 - 06:37
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by KhaosKreator on Thursday, 18 June, 2009 - 19:28
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Awesome work!!! Love for disney villains <3

by Kacela on Tuesday, 19 January, 2010 - 13:56

To-Do List

Make all templatesHighComplete
Make GlovesMediumComplete
Buy PVC fabric and Plant potsMediumPlanned
buy fabricLowComplete
make capeLowComplete
buy glueLowComplete
Mask will be face paint..LowComplete
Buy wigLowComplete
Stitch on SLowComplete
Make BodysuitLowComplete
Buy Lyrca FabricLowComplete
Style wigLowPlanned
Buy or Make BootsLowPlanned
Make WristguardsLowPlanned
forgot the collarLowPlanned


chin (Posted 22nd January 2010)

after months of not touching Syndrome, I'm now unsure where I am or where i want to go with him/her... I want to ditch the femme version.. it's annoying me. Well I'm going to make it more like Syndrome himself then, if it come to it have a girly wig. Dunno, I'm lost...

I WANT A belly and chin!!!

I NEED A CHIN!!!! Latex? *thinks* Want to wear this to October MCM,

September 2009 (Posted 4th November 2009)

Sometime in September, I messed about with black face paint drawing on the mask.

I thought face paint would be the best thing to use, so your expressions 'moved the mask' when you moved. Like Syndrome's seems to in the film.

Just testing..

Only trouble was it was annoying to get off.

26 August 2009 (Posted 26th August 2009)

I bought a wig today, I finally saw an orange wig and it even looked like I could wax it up into a shape like Syndrome - at least it looked that way from the photo on the packet. I should have got the lady to take it out, but it we got talking about some other stuff I was buying. When I got home, took it out the packet.. Well you tell me, does it look the same??

17 June 2009. (Posted 21st July 2009)

I made a template for the front 'S'.
Cut and pinned it to the front.
I then hand stitched it.
I also cut out the back 'S' but I'm now not sure if it's correct. I'm going to wait until I have added the cape before deciding if I should add it.

I had to restitch some parts on the arms and shoulders before trying it all on with the gloves.

09 / 11 June 2009 (Posted 21st July 2009)

I got annoyed with Lycra!! AGH! I'm actually debating carrying on...

Of course that was just a moment of annoyance.

I sewed the Legs together.
Made the body template, then the body.
Attached the legs and body together.
Completed both arms.
Attached arms to the body.
Added a zip to the back.

08 June 2009 (Posted 21st July 2009)

Completed the right glove. Which means both gloves are done. I left them messy as they will be under the wristgaurds.

I made the templated for the legs, I'm only having an inside seam.

21 July 2009. (Posted 21st July 2009)

After a month of many costumes taking priority, I made the cape.

Firstly I took some black poly cotton, and blue slik.
I put the two right sides together.
I measured my shoulder width and added on an inch. I marked a line for shoulder width onto materials.
Using a large metre stick I cut in a diagonal from shoulder to bottom corner of material.

I pined and sewed the two long sides. Then straightened out the materials, pinned and sewed the bottom side, leaving the top 'shoulder' side open.

I then turned the materials in the right way, and ironed out the seams and creases.

I turned in the tops and sewed using blue cotton on the bottom and black on the top.

Sewed the top corners onto the shoulders.

Ironed the cape and sewed the tops into three creases..

So far... (Posted 8th June 2009)

02 June 2009. I made my final design, and thought of materials/fabrics.

04 June 2009. Went on a not so impressive trip to fabric shop. Did manage to get both black and white lyrca in the end..

05 June 2009. Made the left glove.

08 June 2009. Made the right glove. Made template for legs. Cut and tacked the right leg.

09 June 2009. Right leg done. Left leg done. Body done. Both arms done. Zip in body. Body and arms together.

About to pin and sew the body to legs

11 June 2009.
Legs attached to body.

17 June 2009.
Front S is now sewn to the body.

21 July 2009.
A month later, after many other costumes took over, I made the cape.