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15 Latest Articles

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Walkthrough - Boot Covers

Tutorial by Stephen Pryce (Ranma1-2) posted Friday 2nd July 2010

As some people have asked me, here is a detailed walkthrough for how I made the thigh-high boot toppings on my Catwoman costume.


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Guide - Essential Glue Review

Tutorial by James Funnell (Ilpala) posted Friday 15th July 2011

It’s pretty common to look on cosplay forums and see people asking basic questions about what glue to use for what. If you pop into a DIY store you will find a bewildering array of glues but really there’s only a few that you need in your cosplay toolbox and often they can be used for more than just sticking stuff together.

So here’s a rundown of your essential glues and what you should be using them for!


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Walkthrough – Build Your Own Vacuum Former

Tutorial by Dr Bish (theKillingDoll) posted Tuesday 14th August 2012

This is a brief outline of how to construct a cheap vacuum-forming machine and use it to vacform plastazote, the results of which can be seen in parts of my Priss Asagiri hardsuit.


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Walkthrough - How to make skin tight gloves

Tutorial by Tab Kimpton (KhaosKreator) posted Friday 8th February 2013

I hate gloves. Every costume maker does, they’re fiddily and a bad fitting glove will show up far more than a bad fitting jacket will.

Here’s how I make lycra gloves, with a helping hand from my friend- freezer paper!


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Aya Revolution - August 2009

Report by Jonathan Cullinane (nert) posted Monday 26th October 2009

Warwick Arts Centre finds itself decorated with a nostalgic mascot, as the AyaCon mermaid makes a glorious return!


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London MCM Expo - May 2009

Report by Jonathan Cullinane (nert) posted Wednesday 26th August 2009

Bright sunshine, little breeze or cloud cover, and a distinct lack of working transport links. A recipe for a very quiet MCM Expo? Evidence proves otherwise!


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London MCM Expo - October 2009

Report by Jonathan Cullinane (nert) posted Wednesday 7th July 2010

Never failing our Capital's geek fandoms, the MCM Expo was back in full swing with more space than ever before!


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Grand Cosplay Ball - November 2009

Report by Jonathan Cullinane (nert) posted Wednesday 7th July 2010

A chilly November night saw the Clapham Grand open its doors to a menagerie of colourful eveningwear for a second Grand Cosplay Ball!


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European Cosplay Gathering - March 2011

Report by Sj bonnar (sjbonnar) posted Friday 4th March 2011

Sjonnar interviews Emily Bastian about Bunkasai and the European Cosplay Gathering; a new Europe-wide event with its final at JapanExpo in Paris.


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London MCM Expo October 2007

Video posted Monday 7th January 2008

Mark reports from the expo including interviews with MangaChild, Ashe and Sands and coverage of Saturday's masquerade.

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MinamiCon 14 2008

Video posted Thursday 20th March 2008

Video coverage of the MinamiCon masquerade.

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London MCM Expo May 2008

Video posted Monday 30th June 2008

Kelly and Rachel bring us complete cosplay coverage of both expo days including interviews and masquerades

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Japan Expo 08

Video posted Monday 14th July 2008

Rachel reports from Paris to give us an inside look at one of Europe's biggest cosplay events.

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London MCM Expo October 2008

Video posted Sunday 15th March 2009

Kelly and Mark bring another great report from the ground of London's biggest cosplay event.

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Oxford Circus Crossing Openning

Video posted Monday 2nd November 2009

Nia reports on this cosplay themed event on a cold London morning

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Aya Revolution Masquerade Intro

Video posted Tuesday 3rd November 2009

For Aya Revolution we put together a montage of great UK cosplay from the past few years

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Grand International Cosplay Ball 2009

Video posted Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Nia reports from the ball room floor bringing you interviews and footage of the acts

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MinamiCon 17 2011

Video posted Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Highlight footage from Minami's masquerade event

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