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New convention on the block!

Article by Kat B (Delusional) posted Saturday 11th March 2017

This November there's some fresh new blood entering the convention scene, Hibanacon! Running in Milton Keynes from November 10th-12th, they've already got a chunk of events confirmed and registrations have opened recently. It's a small con running at 350 spaces so if you're interested get in there early as smaller cons tend to fill up quickly.

Interested? Check out all the info on their site.


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MCM London Comic Con October masquerade registration opens

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Wednesday 7th September 2016

Registration for the masquerades at MCM London Comic Con, held at the end of October, is now open.
On Saturday 29th October, there will be a "mini masquerade" on the Pop Asia stage followed by the EuroCosplay finals on the main stage, where finalists selected from all over Europe will be competing for the grand prize.
On Sunday 30th October, there will be a regular masquerade including the qualifiers for Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup, the winners of which will go to the finals at Animecon in the Netherlands.
More info and entry forms here!

Please be aware that weekend priority tickets for the event have already sold out, and you will need to have a ticket to participate in the masquerades, so if you haven't already, you can buy day tickets from the MCM store here.


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